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ANVAM is a national cultural institution, veteran led charity, Public Benevolent Institution and centre for wellbeing. ANVAM supports the whole-of-life wellness of current and former members of Australia’s military and families through facilitated arts engagement. Participants are invited to engage in a range of expressive possibilities for wellness through mental, physical and social wellbeing.



Connie advocated for a sculpture on the grounds of the AWM in Canberra that acknowledges the mental health impacts of war. The sculpture will be launched in 2022. Meetings have been held bi-monthly since 2019. 

Labor for Veterans and Families launched in March 2021 through the Victoria Labor Party. Connie is the founder and President and community consultation will commence in April. For further details follow their progress on socials.  

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Connie has sat on National Committees for the Department of Veterans Affairs Open Arms & through advocacy and recommendations initiated a roll our of their National Community and Peer Mentor Program. The Open Arms Community and Peer Program involves ‘lived experience’ peers working collaboratively with veterans, families, community agencies and mental health clinicians.


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