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ONCE UPON A FEELING is a mindful story about Little Bird who is on a journey to understanding emotions and how to express them and his friend Big Bird is nearby to help.

Little Bird will teach you different ways that you can practice this each day. 


Through mindful colouring, this mindful story allows the adult and child to work together using a variety of therapeutic tools that are creative, interactive and meaningful. Start the conversations now and teach children that it is safe to explore how they feel. Ages 4+


"I am very impressed with what has been created here. It is very powerful story and I am particularly impressed with the uniqueness of this book especially in how you have included a colouring component, breathing exercises and a  letter writing activity as concrete positive actions for children to engage in whilst discussing their emotions".  

Michael Gallus 

Footys4all Founding Director

“Children in emotional pain can be hard to reach.  They often suffer in silence and don’t recognise they are not OK or how to express their distress. It often comes out in “behaviour” of various kinds such as withdrawal, physical complaints or anger.  Sometimes they just look sad.  Connie Boglis knows a lot about unbearable emotional pain.  She witnessed first hand the suffering of her partner Jesse who was a veteran and deeply tormented by the traumas he experienced in defence of his country. Jesse was not understood or properly supported and drowning in a sea of red tape and a system of care that failed to care, he took his life.  Connie has a vocation and the talent to help others express their pain and to soothe it.   This book will help to connect children with the empathy and healing response they need.”

Professor Patrick McGorry

Executive Director of Orygen

Founding Director of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation (Headspace)

Australian of the Year 2010


‘Once Upon a Feeling’ is an amazing and needed book. As a mentor and someone who works in underserved communities, the last thing most institutions address is mental health. I hope that we can find outlets like this, for conversation, and build awareness and connectivity.

 Phil Jones

 Director of Lime

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