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All my single people.... Love you first

I wrote a commitment letter to myself at the beginning of 2019 and it has now become my soul's jam of which i am living by, speaking from and acting upon.   

A self love proclamation and commitment to the woman I have grown to love. 

This was my journal entry below:

Connie- You gotta start listening to what your mind craves, your heart feels and your soul needs.

Remember your past girl, what would you change about some situations? Write them down and imagine a self worth so strong that it cannot be undone by anyone. What will you now be doing differently..

Seek your truth when you speak your words and know its ok to have a voice- it no longer serves you to carry the weight of life's regrets. 

The partner you seek will meet you at that level as your equal, nothing less. So aim here- You can always work your ways down. You are worthy. 

To my soul mate wherever you are in this world- I promise to see you differently now. I will choose you because I will see you for what I need in a partner- Not just because of the group your in or the baby face your blessed with. I can no longer repeat the patterns of my past as i know them and my learning is now done- I have shed and grown anew. My eyes are wide open to you.

My identity in a relationship has always been shades of grey as i lost a bit more of myself each time. This has been my learning- putting people's need's above my own. 

Im too strong now, but i promise i will still adore you. 

I love the overwhelming ignition button that gets pushed on love, it fuel's your soul in the most blissful of way- So im ready for you- Love Connie X

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