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Thoughts During Meditation.

It is with purest of intentions and kindness of heart that we hear what we need to. Call it God, Buddhism, Spirituality or what it is, you believe in. If you can learn to clear your mind of thoughts and anxieties, It is you, it is pure and it comes because you are open.

Someone very close to me, now in spirit told me this after a meditation together, it was so deep and will never forget these words. “Protection is key, that is my purpose on earth. I believe I have come here to fight for freedom and I know nothing else, my soul craves the cure for war. I want to help people too, I just have a different way of showing you all. I am not scared of pain and fear is not anything I see, I was chosen to do this”. Those words came from their soul.

Thoughts During Meditation.
Thoughts During Meditation.

I believe there are so many distractions in our lives that stop us from seeing and connecting, There is no pain in connecting, I am never sad here.

Our souls purpose has never left us, nor has it been hard to find. We as humans minimise the connection. Our world is in desperate need of healing, but if we do not change what we see and feel within, we cannot bring peace to our people. How do we overcome delusion without delusion itself keeping us focused? Take from our learnings, our manufactured mind and find within it, you.

Connie Boglis

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